Alex Box Athletic Training Facility

The athletic training facility is located inside the new Alex Box Stadium and is home to the LSU Baseball team. There is over 1,000 square feet of space that is used for daily treatments, long- term rehabilitations, as well as practice and game preparation. The facility is equipped with cardiovascular equipment, therapeutic modalities, taping tables, Theraband wall stations, and whirlpools. The LSU baseball team has one of the nicest athletic training facilities in college baseball. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

Fieldhouse Athletic Training Facility

This facility is located inside of the Carl Maddox Fieldhouse and is home to: Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Track and Field, and Gymnastics. This facility is equipped with 2 whirlpools, 2 treatment, and 2 taping tables and modalities.

Football Operations Athletic Training Center

In August 2005, the Athletic Training Staff was fortunate to add yet another athletic training room to its long list of operational facilities. The Athletic Training Room at the Football Operations Building is 8000 square feet of the latest state-of-the-art equipment and rehabilitation tools to better assess, treat and return our athletes to competition. Although this athletic training room is considered a satellite facility, it is large enough and so well equipped that it is a facility that certainly ranks amongst the best in the country. This facility’s focus on rehabilitation begins in the hydrotherapy area with three (3) in-ground pools powered by HydroWorx. Two of these pools are plunge pools, one hot and one cold. The third pool has a built in treadmill and jets designed to be modified based on the degree of injury or the stage of rehabilitation. Computer driven with built in cameras, this underwater treadmill allows the athletic trainer a way to evaluate the athlete’s gait and helps determine their readiness and progression to dry land training. With full visual access to the football fields at the McClendon Practice Facility, the athlete can utilize stationary bikes, a Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer, Stairmaster Climbers, a Woodway Treadmill as well as a host of other dynamic equipment.

This facility is a great working environment for the staff of certified athletic trainers as well as the certified graduate and athletic training students. With easy access to the LSU practice fields and the indoor facility, setting up the fields for practice has never been easier. In making the daily transition from academics to the clinical experience, the athletic training students have personal lockers and shower facilities within the athletic training room itself. The Athletic Training Room at the Football Operations Building is certainly top notch.

Check out a 360° of the facility here and here!

Gymnastics Facility Athletic Training Room

The LSU Gymnastics program opened the state-of-the-art gymnastics training facility on campus which houses yet another one of LSU Athletic Training’s top end medical facilities. At 38,000 square feet, it is a stand-alone facility that contains approximately 18,000 square feet of practice space in the gym area. The practice area features four competition-style beams, three vault runways with various surfaces for landings, four sets of uneven bars and an oversized floor exercise area to ensure safe training. In addition to the expansive practice area, the facility houses a team locker room, coaches locker rooms, athletic training room, cardio area, dance studio, team squad room, a video review room with theater seating that also serves as the team meeting room, facility equipment storage and laundry area, a multi-purpose room that can host dinners and team functions and a roof-top terrace complete with an outdoor kitchen.

The athletic training room in the gymnastics facility features the latest state of the art equipment, rehabilitation tools and the Grimm Cyrotherm pool system. These modalities allow the staff certified athletic trainer to provide the student-athlete with the most effective and efficient means to assess, treat and return them to competition. The spacious athletic training room includes two taping tables and three treatment tables. With sliding glass doors, the athletic training room overlooks the entire practice facility which allows for quick response to injury and easy access for any needs throughout practice. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

Men's Basketball Athletic Training Facility

This facility is located in the PMAC Practice Facility and houses the Men's Basketball team and is used for both practice and game days. This facility is equipped with: 3 treatment tables, 2 taping tables, 2 whirlpools, modalities, and rehabilitation equipment. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

PMAC Athletic Training Facility

This facility is home to Women's Basketball on a daily basis for practice preparation, treatment, and rehabilitation. For competitions this facility houses Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Gymnastics,Track and Field, as well as visiting teams. This facility is equipped with 2 whirlpools, 2 taping tables, 4 treatment tables, and modalities. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

Soccer Athletic Training Complex

This facility is located at the LSU Soccer Complex and exclusively houses the Women’s Soccer team. The Soccer Complex Athletic Training Room is used for practice, game days and for visiting teams when playing the Tigers. This facility is equipped with 2 treatment tables, numerous modalities, a taping table, and a whirlpool.

Tennis Athletic Training Complex

With the ribbon cutting on the LSU Tennis Complex, LSU now has another Athletic Training Facility to offer our student-athletes some of the best medical and rehabilitative services in the Southeastern Conference. Using cutting edge modalities and rehabilitation concepts, the student-athlete will be afforded the best opportunity to treat their injuries and return to optimal performance.  With both the Men’s and Women’sTennis teams utilizing this athletic training facility, they have access to a state –of-the-art above ground Polartub, with both warm or cold capabilities, three full-sized treatment tables, and therapeutic rehabilitation equipment. An emphasis is placed on nutritional fueling and proper recovery with the addition of a small nutritional fueling station. This LSU Tennis Facility has a separate conditioning room with two Stairmaster Climbers, a Versa-Climber, and four stationary bikes, in addition to free weights, stability balls, foam rollers, stretching mats, and other workout equipment for the student-athletes use. The athletic training room is strategically placed with easy access to the locker rooms, to the six indoor playing courts, as well as the twelve outdoor courts.  With certified athletic trainers on site, the LSU Tennis Facility is a premier tennis training facility ready to host conference, regional and national competition. The LSU Tennis Facility operates as an academically and clinically rich environment for all certified and aspiring athletic trainers.

Tiger Park Athletic Training Room

The athletic training facility is located inside the new Tiger Park and is home to the LSU Softball Team. This athletic training room is used for daily treatments and rehabilitations as well as for practice and game preparation. The facility is equipped with cardiovascular equipment, therapeutic modalities, treatment tables, and whirlpools. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

Volleyball Athletic Training Facility

The Volleyball Athletic Training Room is located in the southwest corridor of the PMAC and houses the Women's Volleyball team. This facility is equipped with 2 treatment tables, therapeutic modalities, and a rehabilitation equipment. The Volleyball Athletic Training Room is used for daily treatments and rehabilitations. Check out a 360° of the facility here!

Martin J. Broussard Center for Athletic Training

In the Spring of 1998, the athletic training program moved into the Dr. Martin J. Broussard Athletic Training Facility located on the Northeast corner of Tiger Stadium.  The two story, 22,000 square foot facility contains 17 treatment tables with the newest forms of modalities available, 14 taping stations, a 1,600 square foot rehabilitation area which contains the latest rehabilitation equipment including the Cybex Norm, Woodway treadmills, and Body Master select rise equipment.

There are 20 computers/work stations which are loaded with an injury tracking program designed by the LSU athletic training staff utilizing the Paradox Database System as well as a therapeutic exercise computer program that generates exercise and rehab protocols.

The Broussard Athletic Training facility serves as the main athletic training facility for all treatments and rehabilitations, with satellite facilities in the Football Operations Facility, Pete Maravich Assembly Center, the Carl Maddox Fieldhouse, LSU Soccer Complex, Tiger Park, and Alex Box Stadium serving pre- and post-practice and competition necessities. The Broussard facility is manned by ten full-time Certified Athletic Trainers, ten Certified Graduate Assistants and approximately 30 Athletic Training Students.

Pool Rehabilitation Area

The 2,400 square foot state-of-the-art pool rehabilitation area houses three 8 x 11 Jacuzzi style walk-in whirlpools, a 15 x 30 lap pool that graduates in depth for underwater rehab, and a 15 x 15, seven-foot deep pool for cardiovascular training. 

Modality Treatment Area

There are 17 tables where the athletes receive modality treatment. In this area you will find a variety of rehabilitation machines used to shorten rehab time and return our athletes back to their sport in a timely manner.  Some of the modalities include: ultrasound and electrical stimulation units, Normatec compression units, Class 4 laser, Hivamat, Biowave, GameReady Cyrotherapy units and others.  

Taping Area

The athletes fill our taping area that contains 14 separate taping stations. This area, as in all other areas of the facility are coed. Each sport has equal access to this taping area at all times of the day. On average, well over 150 athletes will move through this area on any given day.

Rehabilitation and Fitness Area

The Broussard Center for Athletic Training offers the athlete the best opportunity to maintain their fitness level while undergoing short and/or long-term therapy for their injury and prevent future injuries. Among the cardiovascular equipment you will find: three (3) Stairmasters, five (5) Life Cycles, two (2) Nordic Tracks, two (2) Cybex Upperbody Ergometers, four (4) stationary upright bikes, and a Woodway Treadmill. There are a wide variety of Body Master isotonic machines used to build and maintain the strength of our athletes during the rehabilitation process. Our Cybex Norm isokinetic machine has the ability to rehabilitate all of the major joints in the body. The Cybex Norm is used in the NFL Combine as a diagnostic tool to determine the strength and/or deficits in the knees of future NFL players. 

The Second Floor

The second floor offers four fully-equipped, private physicians' offices, x-ray capabilities, an optometry center, an echocardiogram station, an athletic training student lounge, as well as an in-house pharmacy.  A 14 x 14 conference room serves as a staff meeting room as well as a meeting room for athletic training student in-services.  Formal staff offices, a men's and women's locker room facility and a storage facility complete the second floor.  The second level is also home to our full time sports nutritionist and sports psychologist. 

X-Ray Room

Having access to a hospital grade, on-site x-ray facility allows our orthopedic surgeons and general practitioners an immediate and reliable means for making a medical diagnosis of injuries or illness. Our X-ray technicians are in the facility in the evenings to help expedite the diagnostic requests of the physician. If a diagnosis is made that requires splinting or casting, our casting room stocks everything necessary for long and short-term immobilization of the athlete's injury.

Eye Exam Room

Our team ophthalmologist has the on-site facility to perform ophthalmic examinations for our athletes. These specialized machines help to determine one's visual impairments as well as provide measurements necessary to fit one for contacts and glasses. 

EKG Station

During pre-season physical examinations, our team cardiologist is able to perform electrocardiograms as well as echocardiograms on all of our athletes. LSU is the first school to have availability of the echocardiogram within the athletic training room. This state-of-the-art diagnostic tool can provide the doctor with a print out of the heart's electrical activity as well as an actual moving picture of the valves and arteries within the heart muscle.

Dental Lab

The Broussard Center for Athletic Training houses a full service dental clinic complete with board-certified team Dentists committed to serving the student athlete at LSU. Performing restorative cavity and root canal procedures, all encompassing care can be done at this state-of-the-art facility.

Conference Room

The John Weston Hawie Family Conference Room is used for staff and graduate assistant meetings, student in-services and volunteer interviews. Housed within the conference room is the Dr. Joe Serio Library. This library contains a variety of educational books and periodicals on the topic of athletic training.

Storage Room

The storage room contains all of the medical supplies that the Athletic Training Department would use in a given year. Inside this area you will find a wide variety of prophylactic splints and braces, first aid supplies as well as our molded mouthpiece station. Once mouth molds are taken of our athletes, our athletic training students are able to provide the athlete with custom fit mouthpieces which aid in reducing the number and severity of dental injuries and concussions.

Athletic Training Student Lounge

Upstairs in the Broussard Athletic Training Facility is the athletic training student lounge. This is where the 30 Athletic Training Students and 10 Certified Graduate Assistants can sit to relax, eat lunch, do homework, watch TV, or take a quick nap between class and afternoon sport assignments.

Graduate Assistant/Certified Intern Athletic Trainers

Gabriella Arancio MS, LAT, ATC


Hometown Warren, New Jersey
Current Responsibilities Football
Undergrad University of Miami (2017)
Masters Louisiana State University (2019)

Josh Bunch LAT, ATC


Hometown Murfreesboro, TN
Current Responsibilities Swimming and Diving (2018-2019); Football (2019-2020)
Current Pursuit MS in Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport Pedagogy
Undergrad Middle Tennessee State University
Undergraduate Experience MTSU Football, Softball, Brentwood Academy High School, Oakland High School, Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance Physical Therapy and Vanderbilt University Women's Basketball. Josh also completed two summer internships with the Tennessee Titans.

Angelique Carmouche MS, LAT, ATC


Hometown Denton, TX
Current Responsibilities Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Undergrad Texas A&M University-Commerce (2017)
Masters University of Arkansas (2019)

Ryan Petrossi MS, LAT, ATC


Hometown Bethel Park, PA
Current Responsibilities Swimming and Diving
Undergrad Mercyhurst University (2017)
Masters Mercyhurst University (2019)

Vanessa Romulus, LAT, ATC


Hometown East Windsor, NJ
Current Responsibilities Track & Field/Cross Country (2018-2019, 2019-2020)
Current Pursuit MS in Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport Pedagogy
Undergrad Penn State University
Undergraduate Experience Penn State Football, Men’s Soccer, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Men’s Volleyball. Vanessa also did a summer internship with the Los Angeles Rams.

Kelly Stephens, MS, LAT, ATC


Hometown Chattanooga, TN
Current Responsibilities Track & Field/Cross Country
Undergrad Middle Tennessee State University (2017)
Masters Middle Tennessee State University (2019)