Adam Sturlese Memorial Sports Medicine Award Scholarship Nomination

The family of Mr. Adam Sturlese, the founder of Acadian Ambulance in joint effort with Acadian Ambulance, has donated a $2000 scholarship in his memory. Mr. Sturlese was a graduate of LSU in 1947 with a degree in Geology. As founder and owner of Acadian Ambulance, the family understands the importance that the medical community plays in the success of our football program. This scholarship represents the value that our athletic trainers play in the health of our athletes.

The recipient of this scholarship is voted most outstanding football athletic training student who possesses a strong work ethic and continues to excel in the field of athletic training regardless of obstacles. They have a positive attitude and a strong determination to work with their peers as a "team" not as an individual. They are appreciative of others and always offer a helping hand. They are role models in the classroom despite the hours that are devoted to the football and athletic training programs. This athletic training student is relied upon and trusted by all football staff, graduate assistants and fellow peers. 
Application No application is necessary. Recipient chosen by athletic training staff.
Award $2000.00 cash award to be paid at the end of the Fall semester
Notification Recipient will be notified at least one week prior to presentation. Recipient will be presented with plaque during home football game. 

Athletic Training Student Nomination *
Athletic Training Student Nomination