Come Back Kid Award Scholarship Application

This scholarship is given to the athletic training student who played an integral part in the treatment, rehabilitation and recovery of a student athlete's injury. The recipient must have become a vital part in the development and implementation the rehabilitation protocol. The injury sustained should have been potentially career ending or season altering for the athlete. The applicant will write a case study of the injury and their role in the rehabilitation process. The certified staff or graduate assistant athletic trainer will write a recommendation in recognition of this athletic training student's achievement. The student athlete involved will write a letter with regards to how the trainer helped them come back from their injury and/or surgery. 
Deadline Case study to be turned in by the last day of Spring semester
Cash Award $1000.00 cash award to be paid for the Fall semester
Notification Recipient notification will be made early in the summer

Name *

Please complete scholarship application and copy the information to use as cover to the case study. The case study should include a detailed explanation of the nature of the injury, surgery protocols used (if applicable), rehabilitation techniques and outcomes. Please refer to standard formats for case study reporting as used by the Journal of Athletic Training.

The ACI and the athlete involved in the case study are to forward their letter of recommendation to:
Shelly Mullenix, MS, ATC
PO BOX 25095
Baton Rouge, LA 70894
Attn: Training Room