Football Operation Athletic Training Summer Internship & Scholarship Application

This scholarship is awarded to (2) student athletic trainers who have a sincere interest in pursuing athletic training as their future career choice. The student must have completed the first year in the Athletic Training Education Program and be in good academic standing at the time of scholarship dissemination. To fill this position, the athletic training student must possess critical thinking skills and feel confident in their ability to act independently within the guidance and framework set by the Athletic Training Staff and Graduate Assistants.

If awarded this Internship, the athletic training student must:

  • be able to work beginning on June 1st and have no other work obligations or internships for that summer
  • carry 6 hours worth of coursework for the summer (summer session does not matter)

The award includes: (full ride)

  • cost of summer tuition and associated fees
  • cost of room and board (approximately $900/month) o cost of books

Application Use a copy of this application as a cover sheet and include a one-page essay stating your interest and the benefits that obtaining this internship may bring.
Notification Recipient will be notified at of around April 1st.
Deadline Application and essay are to be turned in to Shelly Mullenix by March 31st. 

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Candidate's Name