Graduate Assistant Certified Athletic Trainers
Class of 2017


Sean Carter, LAT, ATC, PES

Hometown Grand Rapids, MI
Current Responsibilities Women's Tennis
Current Pursuit LSU- MS, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sports Pedagogy
Undergrad University of Michigan- BS Athletic Training
Undergraduate Experience University of Michigan: Football, Ice Hockey, Women's Lacrosse, Ann Arbor Huron High School, and East Stadium Physical Therapy


Tesa Johns, LAT, ATC, PES

Hometown Williamsport, PA
Current Responsibilities Football
Current Pursuit LSU- MS, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sports Pedagogy
Undergrad Pennsylvania State University- BS, Athletic Training
Undergraduate Experience Pennsylvania State University: Football, Women's Volleyball, Fencing, Bellefonte High School


Casey Kyriacopoulos, LAT, ATC, PES

Hometown Charlottesville, VA
Current Responsibilities Men's Tennis
Current Pursuit LSU - MS, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport Management
Undergrad Marshall University- BS, Kinesiology with a concentration in Athletic Training and a minor in Exercise Science
Undergraduate Experience Marshall University: Baseball, Softball, Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball, and Football


Jordan Pierce, LAT, ATC, PES

Hometown Indianola, IA
Current Responsibilities Football
Current Pursuits LSU- MS, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sports Pedagogy
Undergrad Iowa State University- BS in Athletic Training
Undergraduate Experience Iowa State University: Football, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field, Wrestling
NFL Summer Internship Denver Broncos