Athletic Training Special Assistance Scholarship Fund


The LSU Athletic Training Department invites anyone interested in giving back to the LSU Athletic Training Program to donate $2500 or more to the LSU Athletic Training Special Assistance Fund (Tiger Athletic Foundation Discretionary Fund). This scholarship is given to the student athletic trainer who has shown unusual financial difficulties and strain associated with their role as an athletic training student. Voted on by our staff, this scholarship can be given to any student who has been in the program for at least one year an may have an unusual financial situation with their family, may have had to hold a job to supplement their own finances, fund their own collegiate experience among other reasons to warrant a financial need. 

TAF Athletic Training Research Fund


Donations to this fund are being used to fund research promoting: (a) an understanding of physical, psychological, environmental, nutritional and activity-related factors influencing the health, safety, and performance of student – athletes, and (b) the development, use and assessment of testing, equipment, training techniques, treatment protocols and other tools designed to mitigate risks, improve performance and promote the health and well - being of student – athletes.