ACL Jump Training

LSU Women’s Basketball ACL Jump Training Program
Created by Micki Collins, ATC

Level 1
Jump Rope 200 reps
  • Begin with 2 foot hops

  • Progress to alternating feet, skiers, side to side, and single leg hops as tolerated

  • Quick Box Jumps (8 inch box)

  • Up-Up-Down-Down 2x15 reps

  • Switches 2x15 reps

  • Quick Jumps 2 feet- 2x15 reps

    • Two Foot Box Jumps (12-18 inch Crown Gym Mat Boxes) 3x10 reps

      • Take off with both feet

      • Use your arms

      • Concentrate on sticking the landing

      • Land with soft knees

      Level 2

      Depth Jumps 4x8 reps

      • Stand on 12 inch box. Step off and as soon as you hit the ground, explosively jump onto a higher box (18-24 inches)

      • Spend as little time on the ground as possible

      • Concentrate on your landing

      Practice Vertical Jump 4x5 reps

      • Feet hip width apart

      • Hands at shoulder level

      • Explosively dip and jump straight up. Reach and extend with your dominant arm

      Jump Rope-same as level 1, but progress to more advanced exercises

      Quick Box Jumps-same as level 1

      Level 3

      Hurdle Hops x5

      • Stand on 12 inch box. Step off and jump over a series of adjustable hurdles

      • After jumping over the last hurdle do a long jump as far as possible

      • Stick the landing

      Tuck Jumps 3x15 reps

      • Jump explosively with both feet, bringing your knees to chest and getting gas high as possible

      • Be quick off the ground and use your arms

      Standing Long Jump x3

      • Drill is done form one end of the platforms in the weight room to the other

      • Try and get to the end in as few jumps as possible

      • Recover after each jump, reset, and explode out as far as possible

      • Use your arms, stick the landing

      Single Leg Explosive Jumps 3x10 reps each leg (advanced)

      • Start with one leg on a 12-15 inch box (you want the quad close to parallel to the ground

      • Explosively jump up, getting as high as possible

      • Switch legs in midair so that you come down with the opposite leg on the box

      • Drive up explosively with the opposite leg

      • Repeat until prescribed reps are completed