Life after being a Lineman

Football linemen, known for their big and stout bodies, commonly experience many weight-related issues as a player. It can be tough for some of these players to follow a healthy diet as they strive to build and maintain their large stature. However, with proper guidance and nutrition education, football linemen (and ALL athletes) can achieve their dietary goals for both health and optimal sports performance.

It is not uncommon for football linemen, either ending their college or NFL football careers, to acquire diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Many continue to eat the large quantities of food required for when they were players, not keeping in mind their drastic decrease in exercise levels. The article (see the link below) talks about former offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens, Orlando "Zeus" Brown, who recently died from diabetes complications.

All athletes need to remember that nutritious diet habits not only fuel their bodies for their sport, but it is also essential for ensuring healthy bodies for years to come.