Supplement Contamination = Positive Drug Test

Athletes must be very cautious with any type of dietary supplement. Even though the ingredient label may not list any known banned substances, contamination with banned ingredients is still possible. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplements, which means the supplements’ manufacturers are the ones responsible for ensuring the ingredient list is correct, not the government. This has led to many problems with athletes and positive drug tests.

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2 athletes were tested positive for the substance DMAA, also known as: 1,3-dimethlyamylamine, dimethlyamylamine, dimethlypentylamine, forthan, forthane, floradrene, geranamine, geranium oil, and geranium flower extract. These athletes argued that the product they took was contaminated and the DMAA was not listed on the ingredient list.

It is extremely important to remember that not all supplement products are safe, even if they are sold over-the-counter and have an ingredient list that seems okay. Before buying or trying any supplement, be sure to check FIRST with Sr. Associate Athletic Trainer, Shelly Mullenix, Head Strength Coach, Tommy Moffitt, and/or Sports Dietitian, Jamie Mascari. Being SAFE is always better than being SORRY.