Hungry for another title, Ravens' Lewis watches diet

Ray Lewis, 36 year old linbacker for the Baltimore Ravens, is well-known for his "ridiculous diet" according to his teammate Terrell Suggs. Lewis understands that football is a highly demanding sport and believes his eating habits are what have helped him maintain the longevity of his pro career, consisting of 16 years in the NFL.

A typical breakfast may contain: A protein shake, egg whites, an apple, lots of water, and his daily supplements (most likely a variety of vitamins and minerals). Lewis makes sure to plan healthy snacks throughout the day, promoting both energy maintenance and recovery.

Lewis is aware of his age but truly believes that his diet gives him a huge advantage: "I'm watching these guys, with their cheeseburgers and stuff," he says. "And you're going to compete against me? Even if you're younger and faster, your fuel won't let you beat me."

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