NBA's Dwayne Wade embraces healthier diet as he approaches 30

In a USA Today article, Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, a 9-year pro basketball player, acknowledges the importance of proper nutrition and its effect on his health and performance. Wade, almost 30 years old, has realized that his healthy diet changes are essential in keeping him in tip top shape and being successful on the court.

Some of the noteworthy changes he has made include: Opting for lean chicken and turkey breasts, pasta, and fruit instead of his previous go-to foods such as fried chicken fingers and cheeseburgers.

According to the USA Today article, Wade said “Changing the way he fuels his body has him feeling as healthy as ever.”

Wade also utilizes the expertise of the team nutritionist as he said, "The biggest thing is that I've talked with a nutritionist, who's working with the team, who understands what we need, how much we practice, what weight I need to be at, what body fat, this, this and this. Put them together, come up with a master plan, and I reap the benefits."

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