Supplement 411: a Great Resource for Information on Dietary Supplementation

Take some time, perhaps as much time as you would spend shopping aimlessly for your dietary supplements, and navigate to a website called Supplement 411 . USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) has created this website to help guide athletes in their never ending search for the magic supplement...the pill or powder that will elevate their game to the next level. The site is designed to do the following:
  • Designed to give facts about the supplement industry,
  • Suggests what is the best thing to take,
  • Explains why athletes often choose to take dietary supplements,
  • Discusses the serious health and safety risks that athletes are exposed to when using dietary supplements,
  • Warns the consumer about the possibility of ingredient mislabeling and/or product contamination of banned substantces, and
  • Helps to identify risks and red flags when purchasing these supplements.

Click on the Supplement 411 link above or simply cut and paste this link into your browser and start educating yourself of the hidden dangers of dietary supplement use and abuse.