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Pennington and tech partner launch website, app targeting body image issues

A new Web-based platform and smartphone app designed to promote healthy body image, as well as address eating disorders and obesity prevention, was unveiled today at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The new platform, called, and the app, called The Body Image Voice, were launched today by Body Evolution Technologies in collaboration with Pennington. "The vision of is to empower individuals to shift focus from unrealistic appearance ideals and move toward health, balance, and optimal performance," says Dr. Tiffany Stewart, director of the Behavior Technology Laboratory at Pennington and co-founder/chief scientific officer of Body Evolution Technologies. "It seems basic, but science supports the idea that until we regard our bodies better, we won't treat them better," she says. The Body Image Voice app focuses on a single component of body image: the role media and advertising play in shaping our ideals of health and beauty. App users rate the impact of images and ads they see to assess which messages they think are helpful or harmful. The app will soon be available as a free download in the iTunes store. Check out the website here for more information and demos on how the website and app work.

Baton Rouge Business Report Story
May 2, 2012