Athletes and Supplements Under More Scrutiny than Ever

Sports and dietary supplements have become extremely popular and widespread among the athletic population. It is crucial to understand that many of these supplements are 1. Not regulated by the FDA for safety 2. Not proven to be effective in its intended purpose and 3. Possible causes of positive drug tests. Athletes of all ages, sports, and experience are highly advised to speak with a Sports RD and/or Certified Athletic Trainer before taking any type of supplement/substance. 
The NSF Athletes and Supplements Under More Scrutiny than Ever Info-graphic demonstrates how accidental doping as a result of taking a contaminated supplement is a real and preventable issue. Several Olympic and professional athletes have learned this lesson the hard way, many paying the price with damage to their reputation, loss of salary, or their shot at competing.
All athletes should take this information seriously in order to prevent risking their athletic career in addition to their health. A healthy diet is ALWAYS the best "sport supplement." Focus on FOOD FIRST, and if the need for a supplement arises, be sure to meet with the appropriate sports medicine professional for safe recommendations.
Click HERE for the NSF Graphic demonstration of Athletes and Supplements Under More Scrutiny than Ever.
Source: NSF International
LSU Athletic Training