What Should I Weigh?

Many athletes ask the question, "What is the ideal weight for me?". Unfortunately, there really isn't a definite answer. Determining the best/healthiest body weight depends on several factors including: age, height, gender, body type, sport played, position in that sport, genetics, and much more.

When setting weight and body composition goals, it is important to keep in mind that numbers aren't everything. Measuring body weight and Body Fat% vs. Lean Mass% is a great way to track trends and progress towards your goal, but there really isn't a magic number that makes a person an incredible athlete.

As you can tell in the "Bleacher Report" graphic below, NFL players all weigh-in at different weights. Even though the players in each position are pretty similar, their weights do differ.

To determine the best playing weight for you, meet with a Sports Dietitian and learn how to reach your goals in an effective and healthy manner.