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Our Mission

The LSU Athletic Training Department is dedicated to providing the outstanding student-athletes of Louisiana State University with the opportunity to not only treat and rehabilitate their injuries with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, but also to provide an atmosphere that promotes the total development of the individual.

About Athletic Training

Athletic Training is an allied medical profession. Athletic trainers supervise and administer the services of prevention, recognition, management, and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by athletes. We have a large athletic training staff comprised of members from across the country. Currently the staff is as follows: the Director of Athletic Training, three (3) Senior Associate Athletic Trainers, four (4) Associate Athletic Trainers, nine (9) Certified Graduate Assistant, an Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) Director, and a Kinesiology Instructor. Our Athletic Training Student core is always approximately 30 students strong. We believe that the diversity of educational backgrounds has made us one of the best staffs with which to work.