Entered LSU's Program in 2008

Craig Fafara

LSU Graduate Assistant 2008-2010

Pittsburg Steelers: Summer Intern 2008

"Having the chance to work with an NFL team was a once in a lifetime experience for me that I could not pass up. If I had the opportunity to go back again, I would. The athletic training staff that I was fortunate enough to work with taught me a lot and helped me grow as an athletic trainer. My experience with the Steelers may have helped me get to LSU, but the lessons I learned and contacts I made there will be with me for the rest of my career."


Matt Rabalais

LSU Athletic Training Student 2008-2011

Houston Texans: Summer Intern 2009

“Working with the Houston Texans was a great opportunity for me. The environment that the NFL creates is a fast and efficient one with no room for error. While in Houston I was introduced to many new modalities and rehabilitation techniques that I had never seen before. I observed player-doctor interactions and discussions about their current injuries that for some could ultimately result in their termination from the team. You see that it is a business and everything is taken very seriously when it comes to injuries because jobs are on the line. Overall the long hours and hard work helped to improve my attention to detail and brought out the passion in me for wanting to help the athletes get back to 100%.”


Dani Klein

LSU Athletic Training Student 2008-2011

Buffalo Bills: Summer Intern 2010

"Working with the Buffalo Bills was an experience that will last a lifetime. Being one of the few females that worked in the NFL this summer, I am fortunate that I got to work under such a great staff that had years of knowledge and experience in the National Football League. The advice and help that they gave me let me have a great learning experience and understanding of how athletic training works in the NFL. I got to learn a variety of different modalities as well as different rehabilitative techniques. My experience with the staff allowed me to leave Buffalo with an even better understanding in evaluating, treating, and rehabilitating athletic injuries. I will always value the experience I received in Buffalo as well as the contacts and relationships I made. I hope to one day be working in the NFL again and have the same great experience that I had this summer".


Stephanie Garcia

LSU Athletic Training Student 2008-2011

WNBA Los Angeles Sparks: Summer Intern 2010

"Working with the Los Angeles Sparks was an invaluable experience that I won't forget. This opportunity exposed me to new modalities, allowed me to further practice learned treatment techniques, and learn a great amount of administrative duties of an athletic trainer working with a professional team. Helping organize and run the Sparks' first free Athletic Training Clinic allowed the interns to reach out to aspiring and current Athletic Trainers and coaches. In working with the WNBA, I learned to work quickly and efficiently, on and off the court. I left the internship with more confidence in myself and my skills as an Athletic Training Student. Foremost, the contacts made with the organization and bonds made with the other fellow athletic training interns are what I'll always keep with me".