Entered LSU's Program in 2009

Andy Jarosz

LSU Graduate Assistant 2009-2011

Cleveland Browns: Summer Intern 2008

“The opportunity that I had to work with the Cleveland Browns was a dream come true and one of the most memorable experiences I have come across in my life thus far. While I was there, the head and assistant ATC’S had instructed me how to use all of their higher-level equipment. Knowing how to use their modalities and rehabilitation equipment, they had high expectations for me to be proactive and take some control of treatments and rehabilitations. The most coveted items that I gained from this experience were the contacts and relationships with the organizations ATC’s and my fellow interns.”


Jon Lukas

LSU Graduate Assistant 2009-2011

New York Jets: Summer Intern 2008

"Having the opportunity to work with the New York Jets was one that was unforgettable. My exposure to elite athletes, a myriad of high tech modalities, and a multitude of advanced rehabilitation & recovery techniques has allowed me to take my expertise in the profession to a new level. Most importantly, the contacts and relationships that were forged over those strenuous weeks are ones that remain with me to this day."


Ben Stollberg

LSU Graduate Assistant 2009-2011

Milwaukee Bucks: Season Long Intern 2008-2009

"Having the opportunity to work with a professional basketball team provided me with opportunities for growth and development in various aspects of my professional career. Having worked mainly with college basketball prior to joining the Bucks, my time with them allowed me to see how vastly different the college and professional settings can be. In addition to learning many of the administrative type differences I was able to work closely with the outstanding staff to help develop my athletic training and rehabilitation skills. The internship helped me grow both professionally and personally."


Raymond Champagne

LSU Athletic Training Student 2009-2012

Houston Texans: Summer Intern 2010

"The opportunity that I had with the Houston Texans was a dream come true! The experience was very beneficial to me, and I returned feeling more confident in all aspects of the rehabilitation process. I was exposed to a multitude of modalities and treatment methods that I know will help me in the future. The Athletic Training staff wanted to ensure that they created a learning environment for me, and they far exceeded my expectations. I was treated just like I was part of the team, and I was included in many discussions about the progress of the injured athletes. Without a doubt, this experience has allowed me to increase my personal contacts. From the beginning, I knew that by keeping a positive attitude and maintaining a strong work ethic, I would succeed and strive to be the best I could be either in the collegiate or professional setting".


Zac Benjamin

LSU Athletic Training Student 2009-2012

Tulsa Talons: Arena Football League Summer Intern 2010

"Working with a professional football team while away from LSU during the summer was a great experience. Arena Football is a fast paced game and very fan friendly. The opportunity to travel with the team was a great way to experience away game atmospheres as well as visit new places. The team, coaches, and staff were all great to work with and I plan on going back next summer to be with the team for a third consecutive year".