Graduate Assistantship Program


Louisiana State University hosts multiple full-time Athletic Training Graduate Students each year. These elite students come to us from prestigious undergraduate programs and bring with them the knowledge and skills that keep our Athletic Training Program one of the top in the country. Our graduate assistants are an important part of our CAATE accredited Athletic Training Education Program serving as mentors and Preceptors for our core of Athletic Training Students. We look to these incoming graduate students to be a motivating force for the future of our curriculum. More information about the staff and facilities can be found at under the "Departments" heading.

Priority in filling these highly sought after graduate assistantships is based on when we receive your resume and letter. The positions are generally filled by the end of the Fall semester. Applicants need to earn approximately 300 on the GRE and have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Applicants are not required to apply to the University at the time a resume is sent in. However, the positions are only secured once application and acceptance is finalized through the LSU Graduate School. Applications to the Graduate School can be found online at

With regards to the scholarship stipend, Louisiana State University offers its first year graduate assistants a full tuition including books and fee waiver. Second year graduate assistant athletic trainers receive a full tuition waiver including books and over $1600.00 per month in room and board expenses. Depending on sport assignment, most graduate assistants work approximately 11 months out of the year.

All of our graduate assistants obtain their Master’s Degree from the Department of Kinesiology. We recommend that you enter Sport Pedagogy, Athletic Administration, or one of the many programs offered within the Department of Kinesiology. Some additional information regarding the programs that the Department of Kinesiology offers can be found at

Interested applicants should send a Cover Letter, Resume and Reference List to:

Louisiana State University
Athletic Administration Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Attn: Shawn Eddy