Derek Calvert, MS, ATC



 Assoc. Athletic Trainer


: University of Illinois (2008)


: LSU (2012)


 Blue Mound, IL



 (225) 578-3894

Derek Calvert returned to Louisiana State University in January of 2014 as an Associate Athletic Trainer with the Track and Field and Cross Country Teams. In August 2016, Derek started working with LSU Football.

Prior to accepting this position, Calvert worked with Dr. Williams Meyers at the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, PA as a Certified Athletic Trainer assisting with patients who had sustained core muscle injuries. He earned his Master’s Degree in Sports Management from LSU in 2013 while working with the Gymnastics and Football teams. Calvert gained additional experience with the Minnesota Vikings as a Seasonal Assistant Athletic Trainer from 2009-2010. He graduated from University of Illinois in 2008 with a Kinesiology Degree.

Calvert is a native of Blue Mound, IL and is a current member of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association as well as the Southeast Athletic Trainers Association.