LSU Staff Recognized in Local and National News

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer and Director of Wellness, Shelly Mullenix, was recognized in 225 Magazine in the August 1, 2009 issue.

“When tough guys fall they call Shelly Mullenix”

"Even the most diehard LSU football fan might not have heard of her, but the players who take the field each Saturday in the fall know her name…. Mullenix is the busy mother of twins, and in some ways to a whole team of young men who rely on her, too."

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The Baton Rouge Business Report featured a story July 27, 2009 on the Marucci Bat Company.

“Going batty”

"… He bought a shed, 6 feet by 9 feet, and put it in his backyard. Marucci started making more bats, and people started buying them… Marucci applied for league approval in 2005. The commissioner’s office called and asked for basic information. After Marucci provided his home address, he was asked for his company address. There was silence, followed by multiple clarifications asking for the location of the bat company…Marucci laughs as he recalls his response: 'You’re welcome to come down and take a look. It’s a 6-by-9 building in my backyard.'…'You know you’re pretty big when you have to buy a forklift,' Marucci says, laughing."

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Cramer Sports Med wrote a story on Andy Barker, Senior Associate Athletic Trainer, about his contribution of our inventory system to the LSU Athletic Training Department.

"Andy Barker, ATC: Resourceful problem-solver creates inventory control system"

"Andy Barker, ATC, of Louisiana State University, is quite the do-it-yourselfer. He wanted an inventory management system for his department--and when a deal to purchase one didn't work out, he just built a system himself! He says it has increased efficiency and leaves him with more time to spend with his athletes."

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Past articles on the Marucci Bat Co.

The Advocate wrote an article on the merging of Albin Athletics with the Marucci Bat Co. April 5, 2009. “Hoping For a Homerun

From USA Today, February 11, 2008: “Bat man of Louisiana finds way to majors by accident