The Hivamat

The Hivamat is one of the newer modalities on the market that is gaining in popularity. This modality was initially designed in Germany for lymph edema patients. The Hivamat was and continues to be very successful in treating lymph edema patients. However, in the early 1990’s the modality began to be used on orthopedic patients.

Hivamat is an acronym for the following: Histological Variable Manual Technique. It is a deep oscillation modality that promotes muscle relaxation, alleviates pain, decreases swelling, and improves range-of-motion through a direct effect on the lymphatic system. This is the only modality on the market that focuses on the micro-circulatory system in interstitial tissue. The Hivamat produces a biphasic pulsed electrostatic field with mechanical vibration. The by- products of the injury process will accumulate and block the lymph channels which causes excess edema and predispose healthy tissue in the surrounding area to secondary cell death. This unique modality helps free lymphatic blockages allowing injured tissue to flourish in a more optimal environment for healing. The biphasic electrostatic field also helps in normalizing the pH of the tissue which also helps increase the healing rate of the injured tissue.

The Hivamat has become a valuable tool for treatment and rehabilitation of our athletes. All injuries are going to present with varying problems, but a modality that has a direct effect on the lymphatic system is invaluable. The hands-on treatment approach allows the clinician to keep the valuable “touch” component to quality care. With all the benefits the Hivamat has to offer, there are still some contraindications to the use of this modality. Patients with acute infections, malignant disease states, deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy, cardiac pacemakers, and electronic implants should not be treated with this modality.*


Beau Lowery, MS, PT, ATC, SCS
Associate Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist
Louisiana State University