LSU Athletic Training Student of the Month

Congratulations to Dani Klein! Dani was voted on by the LSU Athletic Training Staff and Certified Graduate Assistants to be the Athletic Training Student of the Month. Her exemplary work ethic and willingness to help others has proven to be a great example for all students around her. Dani has been in the Athletic Training Education Program for two years working in year one with the Football program. She currently is assigned in her clinical rotation to Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving. With a group of 45 swimmers and 5 divers, Dani has found a great balance in managing their daily care, treatments, doctors’ visits, and rehabilitations. Our staff is very excited for Dani as she will be the first female athletic training student from Louisiana State University offered an NFL Summer Internship. She has been invited by the Buffalo Bills to participate in their 2010 summer pre-season camp in Rochester, New York. “I understand the importance of this internship for Dani and LSU Athletic Training,” says Shelly Mullenix, Senior Associate Athletic Trainer. “It is an incredible opportunity to show the Buffalo Bills and the National Football League that our female athletic training students represent themselves with class and dignity. Dani has proven that with hard work, dedication and strong morals, females can be given the opportunity to change the way they are perceived in a league dominated by males.”