LSU Athletic Training Student of the Month

Congratulations to Michael Welch! Michael was chosen by the LSU Athletic Training Staff and Certified Graduate Assistants to be the Athletic Training Student of the Month. Michael is currently a Senior in the LSU Athletic Training Education Program. Each year he has shown a great deal of dedication and is always willing to go above and beyond to help out others. In Michael's first year as an Athletic Training Student he was able to gain much experience while working with the LSU Gymnastics team and then followed that as a second year with the Football program. The summer between his second and third year Michael was chosen by the Athletic Training Staff to be one of two Athletic Training Students to receive a full paid summer internship while working in the Football Operations Athletic Training Room daily. In his final year at LSU, Michael is working with the Baseball team under clinical instructor Beau Lowery, MS, PT, ATC, SCS. When asked about Michael, Lowery says: "Michael is one of the best students I have ever had. He works hard and has a strong desire to get better every day. Michael is going to be a great Athletic Trainer!" Just as all the other Senior Athletic Training Students at LSU, Michael has recently taken his Board of Certification exam. We wish Michael and the rest of our seniors the best of luck as they continue on their career paths.