Athletic Training Students Take their Skills Abroad

Aside from professional internships, three LSU Athletic Training Students, Jessica VanSweden, Emily Mesa, and Courtney Melanson participated in a summer internship program with the Travel Sports Academy. The Australia Sports Medicine Travel Abroad Program focused on education and experience in all aspects of sports in Australia, ranging from Sports Medicine to Sports Management and Administration. These students learned the differences between Australian and American sport and culture by visiting many different facilities and venues from many different sports that are not easily accessible here at LSU. They were able to pick the brains of Australian Sports Medicine Professionals, Physiotherapists, Facility Managers, and Sports Management and Administration personnel of these various venues. On their off days, they had some Australian fun from surfing lessons in the Indian Ocean to playing with koalas and kangaroos in the Steve Irwin Zoo.
Places visited in Australia include:
  • Melbourne - Rob Laver Stadium - Home of the Annual Australian Open
  • Sydney - ANZ Stadium - Home of the 2000 Olympics
  • Surfer's Paradise - How to Save a Drowning Surfer
  • Cairns - James Cook University Sports Medicine Research Center