Martin J. Broussard Center for Athletic Training Undergoes Facility Renovations

Since 1998, the Martin J. Broussard Center for Athletic Training, located on the northeast corner of Tiger Stadium has been the central hub for all LSU Athletic Training services, and until the addition of the Football Operations Athletic Training Facility in 2005, it was the house for all LSU sports. However, in the summer of 2010, this state-of-the-art facility underwent several renovations to improve the efficiency and capabilities of the Athletic Training Staff that utilizes it.

Some of the extensive renovations that have taken place are:
  • Installation of brand new Mondo Flooring in the 1,600 square foot Rehabilitation Area
  • Installation of brand new carpet throughout the remainder of the facility
  • Replacement and upgrade of the Cybex Norm Testing and Rehabilitation System
  • Upgrade of current X-Ray Technology with a Digital X-Ray Processor, Fuji FCR Prima
The Mondo Flooring (above) is a rubberized surface installed by a European company, Mondo, which is also the official sports venue flooring company for the 2012 Olympics. The Mondo Flooring has many advantages in the Athletic Training Rehabilitation setting including its durability, ease of cleaning, and decreased disease transmission.

The carpet was replaced to eliminate old stains, and enhance the appearance and cleanliness of the facility.

The Cybex machine (below), a brand name for an Isokinetic Dynamometer, was replaced with newer, up-to-date technology to improve the effectiveness of isokinetic testing on LSU athletes.
The Digital X-Ray Processor, a Fuji FCR Prima, was installed in our X-Ray Room to work in conjunction with our current X-Ray machine. This new processor is utilized by our physicians and X-Ray Technicians to allow our medical team faster results. The X-Rays can transfer to various computers throughout the facility for easier, faster, and a more efficient diagnosis of orthopedic injuries. For more information on the use of Digital X-Ray Processors, see our Education Corner below.
The LSU Athletic Training Staff implemented these several facility renovations to improve the overall quality of the Martin J. Broussard Center for Athletic Training as well as improve the quality of care of LSU athletes. These renovations have helped to highlight the extraordinary Athletic Training Program at LSU, as well as keep pace with current technological advances in the Athletic Training Room setting.