LSU Sports Medicine Road Show

The LSU Athletic Training Senior Students and Ray Castle, PhD, LAT, ATC, Director of Athletic Training Education Program have begun a public service outreach project, the LSU Sports Medicine Road Show. This road show will involve all senior students and a guest ATC to visit various Sports Medicine and Physician's Educational Clinics across the state of Louisiana, presenting pertinent and emerging health care topics relevant to the field of Athletic Training. The audience of these tours will include local high school coaches, parents, student-athletes, and High School Athletic Trainers. The first tour will take place soon and there are already topics lined up for the speaking tour. The presentations that will be included in the first tour include:
  • Sports Concussions 101 - Matt Rabalais and David Gambel
  • Ten Nutrition Tips for Optimal Performance - Dani Klein and Stephanie Garcia
  • Prevention of Ankle Injuries - Matt Chappellie and Erica Williams
More information will be posted about the LSU Sports Medicine Road Show as details regarding the tour emerge. Stay tuned!
LSU Athletic Training