LSU to be Well Represented at SEATA Student Symposium

Coming up in early February the Southeast Athletic Trainers’ Association (SEATA) will host their 26th Annual Student Symposium. At the Symposium, the SEATA committees invite all undergraduate Athletic Training Students within its District to submit case studies for presentation. Of the submissions, 25 authored case studies provide a 15 minute summary of the case in a moderated poster presentation session. Of the 25, 15 were pre-selected to provide an oral presentation of their case studies. Traditionally, LSU is well represented within these sessions, and this year is no different. From the 25 prestigiously selected case studies, 9 will be from Louisiana State University.

The LSU Athletic Training Students which were chosen to give an oral and poster presentation to 750+ attendees were:
  • Camille Bordelon: Traumatic Brain Injury In a Collegiate Football Player

  • Courtney Melanson: Tibiofemoral Dislocation in a High School Football Player

The LSU Athletic Training Students which were chosen for the poster presentation sessions were:

  • Kirsten Hundertmark: Chronic Leg Pain in a Collegiate Women's Soccer Player

  • Madeleine Scaramuzzo: Phantom Pain in a Collegiate Football Player

  • Raymond Champagne: Chronic Knee Pain in a Collegiate Women's Basketball Player

  • Nicholas Badeaux: Upper Respiratory Muscle Spasms in a Collegiate Swimmer

  • Jared Muth: Acute Knee Trauma in a DI Collegiate Basketball Player

  • Zac Benjamin: Traumatic Forearm Injury in a Collegiate Men's Track and Field Athlete

  • Emily Mesa: Nineteen Yr Old Collegiate Tennis Player with Chronic Migraines
Once the presentations are given, they will be scored and ranked in order to receive honors such as top Clinical Case Study Abstracts, Clinical Case Study Oral Presentations, and Clinical Case Study Poster Presentations, as well as overall Clinical Case Study (abstract + oral presentation + poster presentation). The LSU Athletic Training Staff would like to congratulate these students on their accomplishments and wish them good luck as they prepare for their presentations.