LSU Athletic Training Student of the Month

Congratulations to Emily Mesa, our newest Athletic Training Student of the month! Emily is a 2nd year athletic training student having worked with Football, and now with the Women’s Tennis team. In the past two years, Emily has been a tremendous Athletic Training Student, showing great work ethic and learning initiative in both the classroom and in the Athletic Training Room. Emily was one of nine 2nd year students who presented Case Study Abstracts at this year’s SEATA Student Symposium. Emily has also been improving her clinical skills with the Women’s Tennis team this year. Kellie Abendschoen, ATC, Certified Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for Women’s Tennis says “Emily has done an exceptional job this year as the Athletic Training Student for Women’s Tennis. She has shown a lot of initiative to improve herself as an Athletic Trainer. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her, especially with the multiple long-term low back rehabs that we have dealt with this year. She has gained the trust and respect of the team and coaches, and has been a great resource for her peers and the Pre-Professional Students in the Athletic Training Program. It has been a pleasure to watch her gain confidence as a second-year student. I know she will continue to excel as she finished the program and looks toward Graduate School in the years to come”. Congratulations to Emily as she continues to improve and excel in her Athletic Training career!