Senior Athletic Training Student Returns from Semester Long Internship

Students in the LSU Athletic Training Program are highly encouraged to seek experience in other settings throughout their three years, especially in the form of professional, collegiate, and/or other internships. From December 2010 to March 2011, RayLynne Lee, 3rd year Athletic Training Student participated in a collegiate internship with the University of Alabama at Huntsville. She served as an Athletic Training Student Intern under Jeff Kinard, MPH, ATC, CSCS, Head Athletic Trainer, as well as Joshua Stuhr, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer. During her stay, RayLynne gained valuable clinical experience with the Men’s Ice Hockey and Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. Her duties for Ice Hockey included pre-practice and pre-competition treatments, as well as post-competition care and rehabilitations. She also had the opportunity to assist with the emergency care of a life-threatening External Jugular Vein laceration while assisting in competition coverage. Her duties with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams included pre and post-competition treatment, as well as travel experience as she went on the road to Oakland City, IN with the teams. RayLynne ‘s opportunity with the University of Alabama – Huntsville was a very valuable experience that benefited her greatly as an Athletic Training Student as she continues her Athletic Training career. “My time spent with the Ice Hockey team at UA was a very positive experience. The internship challenged me and helped me grow in a short amount of time. Working underneath a different Athletic Training Staff was an extremely valuable experience and the UAH Athletic Training and Coaching Staff welcomed me with open arms. They were available and ready to teach me at any time. I also learned what it takes to be an Athletic Trainer in a very fast and demanding environment. This internship has played a key role in the continuing development of my career” – RayLynne Lee, 3rd Year Athletic Training Student – Football, Gymnastics, Swimming and Diving