2011 LSU Alumni Social in New Orleans

A fun time was had by all at our LSU Alumni Social during the NATA Summer Symposium in New Orleans, LA. We had an incredible turnout of athletic trainers, both present and past, that have contributed to the family environment and the success of the athletic training program over the last 15-20 years! Having so many of us in one place gave an opportunity to see how special and unique of an athletic training program we all have been able to build over the years. With Ana Gross (now Couture) as the party planner, we enjoyed a night of local cuisine, good music and great friends. Having the photo booth was lagniappe and gave everyone a space to express their true feelings about LSU! Everyone had an opportunity to use the open mike to talk about their favorite memories of staff members, fellow athletic training students or events that they experienced during their time at LSU. In looking back on this evening, it was moving for us to see how many of our students and graduate assistants, now professional colleagues and friends, created the legacy that is LSU Athletic Training. We are turning out incredible athletic trainers that continue give back to not only LSU, but to the profession of athletic training. Thanks for your continued support and friendship. We always taught that relationships are what this profession is about...and this function was living proof!

To see all of the pictures from the photo booth, click here.