Welcome Back!

On July 28th, thirty-two athletic training students, ten graduate assistants, and nine staff members reported to Football Operations for the annual orientation meetings. Orientation precedes the start of football two-a-days and serves as an introduction for the newly selected first year students and a refresher for the returning students. As always, orientation began with Jack Marucci leading the way with the introductions and fun facts. Topics covered during orientation included CPR and First Aid, modalities in-service, demo spine boarding, emergency management planning, heat illness, and concussions.

A new addition to this year’s orientation was an athletic trainer bonding evening. The evening was hosted by the Alpha Tau Sigma officers and held at Broussard Athletic Training Center. Athletic training students enjoyed Jimmy John’s catering and participated in the ultimate trivia game. Trivia consisted of six categories: Sports, Louisiana History, Quotes, Music, Who am I, and Random. In order to determine a winner, the Hamster Ninjas, Hivamat Homies, and Mutt Cutts competed in tiebreaker challenges. The Hivamat Homies and Mutt Cutts competed in the “Chubby Bunny” event to decide who would move on to face the Hamster Ninjas for the championship. After two rounds of “Chubby Bunny”, the Hivamat Homies succeeded and moved on for the final round. To determine the champion, one participant from each team, with their hands taped behind their backs, had to eat a bowl of pudding within two minutes. In just one minute and eleven seconds, the Hamster Ninjas were victorious and crowned trivia champions