PES Certification

This summer, under the instruction of Dr. Melissa Thompson, numerous ATCs and ATSs took a course for the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist certification. Melissa Sorrells, head athletic trainer at University Laboratory School, says “This course/certification has proven to be very valuable to me as an athletic trainer. Working at the high school level, my job duties entail more than just traditional athletic training. This course has allowed me to utilize my skills at a high level in many different areas while continuing to provide excellent quality of care to our student athletes.” An elite training program for fitness and enhanced athletic performance, the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist is designed for athletic trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, coaches and other sports professionals who want to work with players at all levels, from the secondary education and university tier, to professional and Olympic level athletes. The PES offers professionals the ability to learn cutting-edge performance assessment techniques, sport-specific program design, scientifically-valid, evidence-based applications which achieve remarkable results with top professionals and weekend warriors alike, human movement science, postural considerations, the elements of an integrated performance profile and assessment, integrated program design, and nutrition. Many of our graduate assistant ATCs also participated in the course including: Erin Greenwich, Scott Campbell, Dalis Boyette and Jessica Barton. Barton, Graduate Assistant assigned to Men’s Tennis says, “The process of acquiring my PES certification helped me mature as a Certified Athletic Trainer through exposure to aspects of athletic performance outside of the conventional healthcare field. It allowed us to look at athletic performance from a new perspective and study advanced concepts that have become invaluable as we strive to help athletes reach their full potential." Courtney Melanson, Camille Bordelon, Madeleine Scaramuzzo, Emily Mesa and John McLaughlin were among some of the students who participated in the course and are now certified. John McLaughlin, second year ATS assigned to Football, says, “The PES class was very helpful in regards to rehabilitation. I have used numerous exercises from the class in rehabs for athletes.”