Scholarship Recipients

LSU Athletic Training is proud to announce the scholarship recipients for the 2011-2012 school year:

Academic Achievement
Madeleine Scaramuzzo
This award is given to the Athletic Training Student with the highest GPA at the end of the prior Spring semester.

Doc Broussard Athletic Training Student of the Year
Raymond Champagne
This athletic training student shows exemplary performance in the classroom and in the athletic training room. Their qualities will help propel them into leadership roles in the athletic training profession. They should serve as role models for not only the athletic training students in the program but the pre-professional students aspiring to become athletic trainers.

Come Back Kid Award
Jared Williams
This athletic training student played an integral role in the treatment and rehabilitation and recovery of a student-athlete's injury. This person has become an part of the creation and implementation of the rehabilitation protocol. The injury sustained should have been season ending or season altering for the student-athlete.

Special Assistance Fund
Caitlin McKinley
This student has shown unusual financial hardship as a result of their involvement in the athletic training profession. They may have an unusual financial situation that requires them to hold a job to supplement their finances, find their own collegiate experience as well as other reasons why they may need financial assistance.

Tiger Cub Award
Tamaria Hollis
This scholarship is given to the Pre-Professional Athletic Training Student with the highest binding scores during the application process into the Athletic Training Education Program. They have poise and maturity and have left the staff with the confidence that they will continue to represent our program with dignity and class.

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