Cutting Edge Advantage

Dr. Melissa Thompson Ph.D., ATC along with two other professors in the Kinesiology department, Dr. Hargroder and Dr. Landin, oversee a small branch of the Kinesiology department not common to undergraduate programs. In the LSU Veterinary School, there are two classes offered to undergraduate students to further their anatomy knowledge. Once a student has completed KIN 2500, human anatomy, they are offered the opportunity to take the 3519, cadaver prosection, or 4519, cadaver dissection. Each athletic training student is enrolled in the cadaver prosection class. Madeleine Scaramuzzo says, “the cadaver dissection course has helped expand my knowledge of human anatomy, and will greatly improve my ability to visualize structures and identify injuries in the future.” Dr. Hargroder said, “The experience gives undergraduate students an upper hand when they continue their education in graduate programs because they are able to identify parts of the body more quickly and easily than other students who weren't offered the advantage of participating in a cadaver lab.” Seeing the body first hand is a completely different experience than learning it in a textbook. Third year student, Raymond Champagne, who took the prosection course his second year in the program says,The cadaver lab has been a very beneficial class and has contributed to my overall knowledge of the human body. Having an opportunity to be a part of this class has given me the upper hand over many other athletic training students in the state.

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