LSU Sports Nutrition Accomplishing Great Things

No matter what time of year it is, there is one person in the LSU Athletic Training family who never has an offseason. Jamie Mascari, LSU coordinator of sports nutrition, is constantly on the go working with our athletes and improving their overall health and well-being. With all the hard work she has put in, it is no surprise that Jamie has been named this year’s “Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year”. Although only with LSU for a few months now, Jamie already has made huge changes in the athletes’ diets and their views on food. Jamie is available almost 24/7 to have one-on-one consultations and team presentations. She will even tag along on shopping trips to make sure the athletes are implementing what they have been taught in their grocery selections. Shelly Mullenix, MS, ATC, Staff Certified Athletic Trainer for LSU Football and Director of Wellness said, “We are so honored to have Jamie on our staff. Being named as "Recognized Young Dietician of Baton Rouge" is a tremendous honor for an individual so early in her career. However, she has been working with us for long enough to have made a very big impact on our athletic teams as well as on individuals in our programs. She communicates well, is enthusiastic and is innovative in her approach to educating our athletes. She may be an asset to Baton Rouge, but she is a bigger asset to LSU's Athletic Department.” The LSU Athletic Training family is extremely grateful for Jamie and very proud of all of her accomplishments. Great job Jamie and keep up the good work!

To view Jamie’s interview with the Reveille on the importance of diet in LSU’s athletes visit:

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