SEATA Symposium 2012

Several of the first and second years, accompanied by Dr. Melissa Thompson and Dr. Ray Castle, attended different lectures and hands on learning sessions at this years SEATA student symposium in Atlanta, Georgia. The first year students had sessions covering subjects such as spine-boarding, Theraband, concussions and taping. While they were fine tuning their skills, the second year students participated in hands-on sessions for Kinesiotaping, joint mobilizations, and orthotics. Also, they got helpful information concerning making resumes, functional rehabilitation and the Athletic Trainer’s influence on the psychological factor involved in rehabilitations with the athletes. Along with the educational sessions, the students established connections with athletic training students all around the country including Quinnipiac University. Second year student Leann Nickerson said, "The extra knowledge we brought back will help us both in our classes and clinical sites."
LSU Athletic Training