John Norwig Visits LSU

Last month, our LSU athletic training students were fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with Pittsburgh Steelers’ Head Athletic Trainer of 21 years, Mr. John Norwig. Norwig obtained his undergraduate degree as well as his Master's at Penn State University. He has worked at many different levels of athletics ranging from high school to professional sports. During his speech to our athletic training students, Norwig was very enthusiastic and willing to answer any questions the AT students had and took the time to described a day in the life of an athletic trainer working in the National Football League. He discussed the differences and similarities between working for a collegiate athletic team and professional one. He openly discussed his management style and approach he has used within his athletic training room. Norwig talked about both the positives and negatives of operating an athletic training room with a business approach versus one that is more family oriented in the way it deals with athletes and staff. He explained how even though the players feel it is often times about business, that there were ways to effectively develop meaningful relationships between the players, the staff, and management. Another interesting discussion centered around the Steelers Athletic Training Staff is that they are the only professional football team to have hired a full-time female athletic trainer. According to Norwig, having a female athletic trainer was a great addition and the players treated her the same as her male counterparts and respected the opinions she had to offer. Above all else, Norwig’s one piece of advice was for our athletic training students was to always have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will always make the athletic training room a more enjoyable atmosphere. We appreciate Mr. Norwig coming to visit with the staff and students in LSU's Athletic Training Department and wish their athletic training staff the best of luck this coming season!