Alumni Returns

We are very excited to welcome our newest staff member, Pam Workman, back to our athletic training family! Pam earned her undergraduate degree in athletic training at LSU before obtaining her masters at Southern Miss while working as a graduate assistant for the football team. After graduating from Southern Miss, Pam was hired there as the staff athletic trainer for the football team.  After several season at football, she became the staff athletic trainer for the baseball team and held that position for four years.  Now, she has found her way back to LSU and is our new staff athletic trainer for the softball team.  She will also be teaching a couple of classes to our first year students in the program and working with drug prevention.  A fun fact about Pam is that she was working with the baseball team at LSU when they won the College World Series and was also with baseball at Southern Miss when they went to the World Series for the first time ever!  After speaking with Pam she told us that she is “very excited to be a part of the LSU family again and see how things have changed and how we have grown, it’s just a great place to be!”  Welcome back to the family Pam and we can’t wait to see what is in store for this year ahead!
LSU Athletic Training