Bonding Night

In keeping with tradition, the Alpha Tau Sigma officers hosted the 2nd annual student athletic trainer bonding night following in-service. This year’s festivities were held at Tiger Park and included a pudding eating contest, kickball tournament, and pizza dinner. All of the students were randomly divided into teams and told to come up with a team name and color. Pitches Be Crazy in blue, Death Valley Ballaz in gold and black, Crush N’ Gush in purple, and Ball Busters in red all brought their A game to the field where opponents for the first round of tournament play were determined by a pudding eating contest. Sarah Keating, of Crush N’ Gush, killed the competition and positioned her team in the number one seat of the kickball tournament to take on Devon Bowie and the Ball Busters in the first round. Reigning champion, Jenna Nicol, took a close second place and positioned her team, Death Valley Ballaz, to face off against Tiffani Frizzle and Pitches Be Crazy.

After several rounds of intense tournament play, Pitches Be Crazy emerged victorious. All of the students then enjoyed a pizza dinner and spent time getting to know each other better by talking and reveling interested facts about themselves.  Judging by this event, this is sure to be a fun-filled and successful year!

LSU Athletic Training