From Athletic Training to Around the World

One of our very own graduate assistants, Kate Goeler, has big plans ahead.  Kate is a second year graduate assistant originally from Chittenango, New York.  Kate completed her undergrad at West Virginia University and after graduating worked for a year doing an internship with the University of Maryland.  At Maryland she worked with the football and gymnastics teams. After the internship, Kate journeyed to Louisiana State University for graduate school.  Kate was a great addition to our athletic training family and worked with the women’s soccer team last year and is currently with the women’s tennis team and is our insurance coordinator.  Over the summer, Kate applied to and got accepted to go on a mission trip called World Race. The World Race is an 11-month Christian mission trip to 11 different countries around the world that consists of about 60 people split into smaller teams of 5-7 people.  The countries Kate will be visiting are Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.  She will be helping with various missions including: sex trafficking, orphanage restoration, church planting, and any other needs the countries may have.  This will be a life changing experience for Kate and she told us “I am very excited to use my skills and experiences as an athletic trainer to serve and bring hope to those around the world.” Kate will be departing on July 1, 2013 and returning on May 31, 2014.   She is currently raising support and writing a weekly blog.  To learn more about Kate’s journey ahead, you can visit her blog at  Good luck next year Kate!
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