Hustlin' for Haiti

This month, a few of our athletic training students participated in the Louisiana Half and Full Marathon.  However, the months of training were not only to get that medal at the end, but also to raise money for water filters in Haiti.  They used the marathon as a way to sell t-shirts titled “Hustlin’ for Haiti”.   They sold the shirts for $20 and all of the profits went directly towards providing clean water (water filters) to the people of Haiti.  As athletic trainers, hydration and clean water is an important part of our job but oftentimes we take for granted the luxury of clean water.  This fundraiser has provided an opportunity to raise awareness for the matter and save the thousands of lives that are being lost to water related illnesses.  We hope to continue raising money for this matter and would appreciate any prayer and support.  To help out you can visit or go like our facebook page “Hustlin’ for Haiti”. Ray Castle, our program director, and several of our athletic training students volunteered to provide medical support at the finish line and the primary medical tent area along with Baton Rouge General Medical Center nurses and physicians from the Baton Rouge General Sports Medicine Fellowship.  Congrats again marathoners!
LSU Athletic Training