Nuts about Nutrition

Student athletes are always on the go. Between, classes, tutors, and practice or competitions, sometimes the last thing they think about is packing a healthy lunch or snack before the run out the door in the morning. Fortunately for LSU student athletes, Jamie Mascari, LSU coordinator of sports nutrition, is dedicated to their healthy diet. Jamie is always available for one-on-one consultations and team nutrition presentations, but most of our student athletes visit her for another reason: their daily snack. Jamie's office is stocked full of tons of delicious, but more importantly, nutrtious snacks that are designed to give student athletes the fuel they need to make it through their day and their training schedules. The clear favorite of all of the snacks is Jamie's famous trail mix. She has created more than 20 orignial combinations of nuts and dried fruit that are sure to settle any hungry stomach. Jamie was recently interviewed by The Advocate discussing not only her trail mix, but also all of the different ways she helps student athletes consume the best diet they can. Jamie is one of our athletic department's greatest assest and we are so excited to see what the future will bring with all of our Tigers eating their optimal diet. The read the entire article, follow this link:
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