Legacy To Be Remembered

As some of you may know, Dr. Larry G. Ferachi passed away in October 2012. Dr. Ferachi served as one of our team Orthopedic Surgeons since 1996, working primarily with our Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs.  Many of us have fond memories of Larry but appreciate most the true friendships that developed during the time he spent with us. It was both an inspiring and difficult process to watch as Larry fought with all he had to beat his prostate cancer. However, it is likely true that Larry found an inner peace in his last few years that brought him closer to his family, friends, and God. For this we are all thankful.  In his will, he left the sum of $10,000 to the LSU Foundation “to be distributed to or for the benefit of the LSU Athletic Training Room”.  Given the terms of Dr. Ferachi’s will, these funds will go towards the Tiger Athletic Foundation’s Athletic Training Special Assistance Scholarship. This scholarship is used to assist our athletic training students and graduate assistants in times of hardship and need. These donations have helped our students as they recovered from disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Rita, assisted with applications to Graduate School, and paid for plane trips home when students were grieving the loss of a family member, just to name a few. In life, we are thankful for Dr. Ferachi’s service to our Athletic Training Department and it is quite fitting that he found a way to continue his support of our program even after his passing. Forever thankful and Forever LSU!
LSU Athletic Training