Graduating with Graston

Here at LSU, we are always trying to stay at the forefront of the athletic training field. One of the ways we can do this is constantly searching for new and progressive ways to assist athletes in the rehabilitation of injures through both exercise and modalities. Recently, our second year students and several graduate assistants were given the opportunity to become module one certified in The Graston Technique®. This technique was developed by an athlete who was frustrated with current therapies following a debilitating knee injury and decided to create his own instruments to treat soft tissue injuries. Patented in 1994, The Graston Technique® is now used by more that 16,000 clinicians worldwide, and the athletic trainers at LSU are some of those clinicians. Ray Castle, PhD, ATC, LAT is certified in this technique and was able to provided education to our students to help further their clinical skills. Both the students and graduate assistants have been able to put this technique into practice at their clinical sites and have seen great results including faster healing times and alleviation of chronic injuries. Upon graduation, students will receive their module one certification. Keep up the great work!
LSU Athletic Training