New Summer, New Opportunities

This summer we have eleven of our first and second year athletic training students participating in summer internships.  We have seven students who were accepted into profession football internships and two of which were females! Derionne Brooks was accepted to work with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tamaria Hollis with the Buffalo Bills. Trebrisa Thomas, another second year student, will be working with a first year student, Jazmine Wilson, at the Arizona Volleyball Festival.  Four other second years also have football internships; Will Payne who will be working with the Washington Redskins, Ben Morale and Meaghan Hussey working the LSU Football Operation Athletic Training Summer Internship, and Eddie Godoy who will be returning to work with the Arizona Cardinals.  We are also very proud of our first year students; Derek Carter who will be working with the Houston Texans and Keressa Ackles, Tiffani Frizzell, and Jazmine Wilson who will be working varsity cheer camps.  Our athletic training students have worked very hard this year and have shown their passion and dedication for athletic training.  We look forward to all of the many new learning opportunities they will be presented with this summer to grow as athletic trainers.  Congratulations LSU athletic training students!
LSU Athletic Training