A Change for the Better

One of our Staff Athletic Trainers, Micki Collins, who is currently the Athletic Trainer for LSU Women’s Basketball, recently attended the Southeastern Conference Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Opelika, AL.  Athletic training colleagues and friends from the SEC gather each year to discuss current case studies, meet with vendors to see the latest equipment and supplies used in the medical field as well as network with conference ATCs.  This year, Micki presented LSU's case studies, one being a student-athlete diagnosed with Guillan Barre Disease.  According to Micki, the SEC Sports Medicine Conference is a great place to meet up with her fellow Women’s Basketball Athletic Trainers to exchange ideas and see what other conference programs are doing with similar issues.  The meeting also serves as a forum to discuss improvements that can be made in areas such as concussion policies, host event coverage, as well as post season championship medical coverage.  "We reflect on the previous year and go over any challenges faced and improvements that can be made, Collins says.  Our Atletic Training Program was proud to have her represent Louisiana State University and look forward to another exciting year for athletic training!