Boston Hope

As many may already know, four members of our athletic training family were involved in the medical recovery efforts during the Boston Marathon.  Dr. Ray Castle, Derek Carter, Brendan Jacob, and Caitlyn McKinley were all providing first responder care at the race that day.  They are all currently back in classes/ work and are doing well getting back into their routines.  Their courage and dedication displayed that day will always be remembered and appreciated by us at LSU.  This traumatic event showed that athletic trainers may not only be taking care of torn ACL’s or heat cramps, but must be prepared for every emergency situation.  The LSU athletic trainers were very impressed with the Boston Athletic Association and how well they implemented their emergency action plan.  The collaboration between the Boston Athletic Association, marathon medical personnel, EMS, and local hospitals was seamless.  Without the teamwork of all of these groups, the number of casualties and major injuries would have been significantly larger.  We must look at this tragedy and search for the positives... and not hold on to the negatives.  We must use this opportunity to come together as a nation and be in continuous prayer and support all of those effected by its aftermath.  As a way of healing and to offer support, many of our student athletic trainers participated in a community effort to support Boston by running 2.62 miles in downtown Baton Rouge the weekend following the Boston Marathon. Thanks again to all those medical professionals working the race that day.