On May 18, 2013, seven of our Athletic Training Students and Director, Dr. Ray Castle, had the privilege of volunteering at the Ironman working with Memorial Hermann’s medical team.  Our Athletic Training Students included Sarah Bair, Olivia Bourgeois, Derek Carter, Bayley Romig, Sarah Keating, Adrianne Bosworth, and Taylor Wright.  The students were dispersed between working in the transition medical tent and finish line.  It was one of Houston’s hotter days, so the students worked diligently tending to many athletes suffering from heat illnesses.  However, a wide variety of injuries were seen ranging from debilitating foot blisters to a broken clavicle and ribs.  The athletic trainers were working alongside doctors, nurses, and physical therapists so it was a great opportunity to learn how to communicate and work together while bringing  their own set of different strengths and skills.  It was eye opening to learn and observe how to face certain challenges, one being having athletes from all over the world who are not used to the weather or who may not even speak English.  The race and medical tents were very well organized and it was because of the efficient communication between all of the medical staff that allowed it to run so smoothly.  We appreciate the staff of Memorial Hermann hospital allowing us to cover this event and we look forward to next year!
LSU Athletic Training