Post-Grad Plans

The time has come once again for our graduating class of Certified Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainers to leave Baton Rouge and move all across the country to start their careers. Yuri Jean-Baptiste, who worked with Track and Field and Cross Country and soccer teams while at LSU, has already made the move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he is now working as a Staff Athletic Trainer for the University of North Carolina Tar Heels Football Program. Paul Porter, who gained experience with the Women and Men’s Tennis teams, will soon be relocating to Phoenix, Arizona where he has accepted the position as the athletic trainer for the Arizona Diamondbacks Minor League Baseball team. Derek Calvert, who worked with the Gymnastics and Football teams, will be working for Dr. Williams Myers, notable surgeon specializing in sports hernia repairs, at Vincera Core Physicians as a Certified Athletic Trainer in Philadelphia. Casey Maxwell, who worked with the Track and Field and Cross Country teams as well as Volleyball, will be moving to California to pursue athletic training opportunities on the west coast. Kate Goeler, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for Women’s Soccer, Women’s Tennis, and Insurance Coordinator, leaves in mid June to begin an 11-month mission trip around the world called The World Race. We are so proud of what these Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainers have accomplished during their time here at LSU, grateful for all of their hard work and dedication, and excited to see what the future brings for them. Good luck!